Oct 312014

My giant, asymmetrical, two-color shawl Sundry is one of my most popular designs. It’s so over the top, I had no idea what sort of reception it would get once released. But people seem to like it, which is always great. I think it’s the opportunity to mix and match colors, and to customize their placement. A look at some projects on Ravelry shows all sorts of beautiful choices:

Sundry projects on Ravelry | The Knitting Vortex

One of the reasons I love the sample so much is the yarn I used; Selku by String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn. It’s a wool and silk sportweight blend with excellent drape, and the gorgeous colors for which Karen and Tanis are known. I was fortunate to see their lovely yarns in person at out tiny, local sheep and fiber festival at the beginning of September, and inspired to create another design using Selku. I was looking for something to pair with the purpley-blue Viola colorway I had been hoarding, and found a deep raspberry that was perfect.

For fans of Sundry, my new shawl Vary will be out in a few days.

Vary sneak peek again | The Knitting Vortex

  2 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Vary”

  1. I love the sundry pattern, I am a beginner at knitting and I am getting close to where I add the contrast color. I would love to see how you add the color in the middle of the pattern. I do have a few holes that are visible in my work and would also know how to fix that. Any tutorials regarding these questions is appreciated.

    Thanks so much
    Pam johnson

    • Hi Pam! Since the slipstitch colorwork only involves working one color per row, it’s just like stripes – just work the 2 contrast color rows with the CC, leaving the main color attached, then work the next main color rows with the MC. I have a technique for twisting the colors at the edge which you can see under Video Tutorials in the Help tab. Holes in the completed rows dont really have much you can do unless you notice right on the next row above the hole. When you block the shawl, it will help even things out – then try creative wearing to disguise them!