Apr 252012

knit on with elizabeth zimmerman

Blog about someone in the fibre crafts who truly inspires you. There are not too many guidelines for this, it’s really about introducing your readers to someone who they might not know who is an inspiration to you. It might be a family member or friend, a specific designer or writer, indie dyer or another blogger. If you are writing about a knitting designer and you have knitted some of their designs, don’t forget to show them off.

Elizabeth Zimmerman, knitterly godmother to us all, was described by one of my friends as “the Julia Child of knitting.” She made knitting more accessible by encouraging thought outside the box, which to me is what creativity is all about. Not afraid of unusual techniques or shapes, EZ was an advocate of trying new ideas, and a proponent of self confidence and discovery.

I own many of her books, of which the seminal Knitting Without Tears is my favorite. Her self described pithy style suits me, particularly because I read her for inspiration and solace, more so than for patterns per se. I like to think that my current textural exploration of tucks and shaping with short rows owes itself to her admonitions to knit fearlessly.

Plica tucks  3KCBW


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  1. She was very real and to the point in that book. I’m sure she’s tickled so many fell in love w/her.

  2. EZ’s the original!

  3. I love EZ too. Have you seen her videos/DVDs? They are amazing.