Sep 072011

After much thought about organization, blogging and my design rebranding, I concluded that there was no escaping the need for a new website. I’m certainly not a codemonkey; my reaction to html and css consists mostly of staring at the computer screen with a puzzled look. I am, however, a very organized, linear thinker and a proponent of white-label DIY action.

Thus, the move of my blog to WordPress, and the restyling into this “websitey” blog. WordPress is full of information, much of which is aimed at developers and over my head, but really all the resources are there and little by little I’m going to find them.

Which brings us to this, the first post on my new blog: The Knitting Vortex, Designs by Jennifer Dassau. Some info about me and what I do is on my About page, and I will recap that here. In a former lifetime I was a fashion industry production specialist, responsible for getting garments to fit and then getting them made to be sent to the stores. I took a long break to initiate two small humans into the world and oversee their many doings, during which time I taught myself to knit. Inevitably, knitting other people’s patterns led to modifying other people’s patterns, and then to designing my own knitwear patterns. Not only do I like making original stuff, but I love fashion and I love knitting, and voila – my design business was born!