Thrifty Grey Day

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Feb 262014
Thrifty Grey Day

With a little break in the snowing action, I took the opportunity for a bit of thrifting. Unlike my last Radiant Orchid haul, this interlude was all about the greys. Look at the pieces de resistance – the Carlos Santana heels! I’m putting them on as soon as I dont need snow boots anymore. Some nice knits, too; a curvy black sweaterdress with huge ribbed portrait cowl, an open-front long cardi from Old Navy with silver metallic bling, and a cashmere crew with black contrast sleeves. Add a couple tops and some really nice White House/Black Market black and white tiny check pants, and it’s a wardrobe. With snow leopard!  

Aug 282012
Tuesday Shoes Day - Celeste

And now for something completely different, a pair of flats. Really, really sparkly ones. Because even if you’re feeling relaxed and casual, rhinestones can be a good idea.My favorite part about these toe shoes from Celeste is the very shiny gold footbed; it’s the little things that count!

Tuesday Shoes Day – Elliana

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Jul 312012
Tuesday Shoes Day - Elliana

You’ve gotta love Target; they have makeup, electronics, paper products – and cute shoes. These are Elliana by Merona, the house brand. A  chic cork wedge, comfy padded platform, and metallic cruelty-free straps – what’s not to love? They go with all those light, summery dresses AND look great with skinny or straight jeans too. Plus I could walk a mile in them since they feel so great, which is of high level importance; you never know when you might have to walk a mile, so better safe than sorry.

Tuesday Shoes Day – Zodiac

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Jul 032012
Tuesday Shoes Day - Zodiac

There’s nothing like a big buckle shoe for instant impact. These are my daughter’s favorites, although it looks like perhaps they aren’t fitting her quite as well as one would hope. No matter, a toe thong isn’t my first choice so I haven’t worn them much myself. Despite the thong issue, they’re very comfortable – as one might expect from Dr. Scholl’s – “feel crazy good” it says. One might NOT expect a cute little 2″ stacked heel and that nice metallic pebbled leather, but there it is! I do love silver metallic leather, which was probably my whole reason for buying these in the first place. Look – they go with my purse. Not that I’m all about matchy-matchy, but still . . . more like a snapshot of the kind of accessories I like best. I could see these for a casual summer patio meal, as long as the wearer isn’t the one running around serving.

Tuesday Shoes Day – Talk

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Jun 262012
Tuesday Shoes Day - Talk

I’m liking the concept so much that I think Tuesday Shoes Day may become a recurring feature. I certainly have enough shoes to keep it going for a while. These are cruelty-free gold pleather sandals with cork wedge heels; I especially like the way the wedge is shaped so it’s not super clunky.  Franco Sarto is one of my favorites, and I always keep an eye out for them; these came from – of all places – the (mostly) kids’ consignment shop. Although they do have teen/some adult stuff, I certainly wasn’t expecting to find mint condition cool shoes there. It just reinforces the vintage-shopping mantra – You Never Know. Cute, right?

Jun 192012
Tuesday Shoes Day - Barika

Lots of secret knitting going on, so not much posting – due to both all the knitting and the need to be covert. So what better alternate topic to explore than fabulous shoes? For a bit of mother-daughter lunch and shopping, we went to PF Chang’s and then stopped by the DSW. Shopping the sale rack far surpassed the steamed pork dumplings; for less than half the cost of lunch, we are now the proud owners of this lovely pair of Bandolino Barika party stilettos. And I say “we” with the bittersweet realization that girlfriend and I are now the same shoe size. In fact, she might be one half size larger, depending.   I’m determined to be the first one to have an appropriate place to which I might wear them. I’m thinking the fancy dinner that she and her friends are preparing for the parents in a few days; she’ll need flats because she’ll be cooking and serving. I’ll be sitting and possibly gliding to the bar area.   Anyway, the shoes are . . .