Gathering Orchids

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Jan 242014
Gathering Orchids

I mentioned how pleased I was with the color of the year, Radiant Orchid. The thought of plummy pinks and purples being all over the stores just fills me up with excitement and anticipation; I love purple – wearing it, being around it, soaking up the purpley vibe. This week has been busy with working on some new upcoming patterns, and I needed a morning off – so, why wait to seek out some purple inspiration? I do consider shopping to be recreational, and by “shopping,” I certainly do not necessarily mean “buying.” For me, it’s all about going to look around, touch things, and find a little eye candy. If I actually need something specific, I’m more than likely to buy online – and that’s not quite “shopping” but more like “acquiring things I need.”  The really real shopping is all about going out of my everyday environment and seeing what sort of fabulous thing I might discover. One of my favorite subsets of shopping is thrifting, because there’s no better way to find . . .

Fall 2012 Pantone Fashion Color Report

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Sep 062012
Fall 2012 Pantone Fashion Color Report

Now that back-to-school is a reality, in my mind fall has officially arrived. And fall of course means a mental adjustment, back to serious work and a more pulled together look – I’m eagerly anticipating the ability to wear more sweaters and accessories. The forecasters released their visions for Fall 2012 two seasons ago, but now we’re finally in the moment. As is typical with me, I personally prefer the subdued edges of the color line above, but can see Pink! Tangerine! even Chartreuse! as an accent. That Ultramarine Green is the only one I cant imagine myself doing anything with – it looks like Forest to me, but as that’s my son’s favorite, I’m sure I’ll be seeing some of it. Here’s what Pantone has to say: As the season transitions from the heat of summer, Bright Chartreuse, a vital yellow-green, pays homage to a typical spring shade and creates a bridge into the cooling days of fall. Reminiscent of bright green foliage, it provides a perfect accent to every color in the palette. . . .

Aug 282012
Tuesday Shoes Day - Celeste

And now for something completely different, a pair of flats. Really, really sparkly ones. Because even if you’re feeling relaxed and casual, rhinestones can be a good idea.My favorite part about these toe shoes from Celeste is the very shiny gold footbed; it’s the little things that count!

Tuesday Shoes Day – Talk

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Jun 262012
Tuesday Shoes Day - Talk

I’m liking the concept so much that I think Tuesday Shoes Day may become a recurring feature. I certainly have enough shoes to keep it going for a while. These are cruelty-free gold pleather sandals with cork wedge heels; I especially like the way the wedge is shaped so it’s not super clunky.  Franco Sarto is one of my favorites, and I always keep an eye out for them; these came from – of all places – the (mostly) kids’ consignment shop. Although they do have teen/some adult stuff, I certainly wasn’t expecting to find mint condition cool shoes there. It just reinforces the vintage-shopping mantra – You Never Know. Cute, right?

Jun 192012
Tuesday Shoes Day - Barika

Lots of secret knitting going on, so not much posting – due to both all the knitting and the need to be covert. So what better alternate topic to explore than fabulous shoes? For a bit of mother-daughter lunch and shopping, we went to PF Chang’s and then stopped by the DSW. Shopping the sale rack far surpassed the steamed pork dumplings; for less than half the cost of lunch, we are now the proud owners of this lovely pair of Bandolino Barika party stilettos. And I say “we” with the bittersweet realization that girlfriend and I are now the same shoe size. In fact, she might be one half size larger, depending.   I’m determined to be the first one to have an appropriate place to which I might wear them. I’m thinking the fancy dinner that she and her friends are preparing for the parents in a few days; she’ll need flats because she’ll be cooking and serving. I’ll be sitting and possibly gliding to the bar area.   Anyway, the shoes are . . .

Fall 2011 Pantone Color Forecast

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Oct 012011
Fall 2011 Pantone Color Forecast

Autumn is here, whether you live in a 4-season climate, or a place that’s less changeable. Here’s what you can expect to see in store, right now. Pantone’s Fall 2011 Fashion color palette, presented back in spring when New York’s Fall Fashion Week unveiled designers’ vision for autumn, shows a painterly approach to fashion. I personally am drawn to the lower half of the palette, which is no surprise to my friends who describe me as liking “no-colors.” However, even I can see the beauty of the pop of a honeysuckle scarf in a deep teal and coffee outfit. And certainly for the circus ponies among you, there is no shortage of saturated fall tones, and no reason you cant mix them together.   A more detailed description, from Pantone: Bamboo a surprising fall hue, brings a warm, exotic flavor to the season. Like a filtered sunset on the waning days of fall, Bamboo is a standout yellow with a subtle green undertone. This dappled shade pairs dramatically with several of the top 10, including . . .