Jun 192012
Tuesday Shoes Day - Barika

Lots of secret knitting going on, so not much posting – due to both all the knitting and the need to be covert. So what better alternate topic to explore than fabulous shoes? For a bit of mother-daughter lunch and shopping, we went to PF Chang’s and then stopped by the DSW. Shopping the sale rack far surpassed the steamed pork dumplings; for less than half the cost of lunch, we are now the proud owners of this lovely pair of Bandolino Barika party stilettos. And I say “we” with the bittersweet realization that girlfriend and I are now the same shoe size. In fact, she might be one half size larger, depending.   I’m determined to be the first one to have an appropriate place to which I might wear them. I’m thinking the fancy dinner that she and her friends are preparing for the parents in a few days; she’ll need flats because she’ll be cooking and serving. I’ll be sitting and possibly gliding to the bar area.   Anyway, the shoes are . . .

Fall 2011 Pantone Color Forecast

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Oct 012011
Fall 2011 Pantone Color Forecast

Autumn is here, whether you live in a 4-season climate, or a place that’s less changeable. Here’s what you can expect to see in store, right now. Pantone’s Fall 2011 Fashion color palette, presented back in spring when New York’s Fall Fashion Week unveiled designers’ vision for autumn, shows a painterly approach to fashion. I personally am drawn to the lower half of the palette, which is no surprise to my friends who describe me as liking “no-colors.” However, even I can see the beauty of the pop of a honeysuckle scarf in a deep teal and coffee outfit. And certainly for the circus ponies among you, there is no shortage of saturated fall tones, and no reason you cant mix them together.   A more detailed description, from Pantone: Bamboo a surprising fall hue, brings a warm, exotic flavor to the season. Like a filtered sunset on the waning days of fall, Bamboo is a standout yellow with a subtle green undertone. This dappled shade pairs dramatically with several of the top 10, including . . .