Jan 242014

I mentioned how pleased I was with the color of the year, Radiant Orchid. The thought of plummy pinks and purples being all over the stores just fills me up with excitement and anticipation; I love purple – wearing it, being around it, soaking up the purpley vibe. This week has been busy with working on some new upcoming patterns, and I needed a morning off – so, why wait to seek out some purple inspiration?

I do consider shopping to be recreational, and by “shopping,” I certainly do not necessarily mean “buying.” For me, it’s all about going to look around, touch things, and find a little eye candy. If I actually need something specific, I’m more than likely to buy online – and that’s not quite “shopping” but more like “acquiring things I need.”  The really real shopping is all about going out of my everyday environment and seeing what sort of fabulous thing I might discover.

One of my favorite subsets of shopping is thrifting, because there’s no better way to find little gems that exist nowhere else. When it comes to shopping in thrift stores, consignment shops and resale boutiques, there’s no middle ground; you either love it or you’re horrified at the thought. Obviously, I’m on the love-it side of that dichotomy; it’s like a treasure hunt, only you dont know what you’re looking for. Cashmere? Perfectly fitting pants? Even shoes, although I personally am extra careful when it comes to those. If you’re familiar with what’s out there in the retail market, and you know your fibers and labels, and you can launder with the best of them (and have a good dry cleaner in your back pocket), the possibilities are endless.

As an aside, I’m completely aware that this attitude is appalling to some people. Three of my crafty friends and I get together for lunch periodically, and invariably there will be a resale shop around nearby wherever we’re going. One friend and I always stop – she’s an accessories and jewelry maven – and the other two wont even pause for breath before they’re off to the coffee place – “meet you there!” We cant all be Macklemore.

Anyway, when I’m truly just looking for a surprise, I go to Goodwill. Lots of stuff, small dollar commitment if it comes to that, and something for all occasions. This time, it was a nice start to gathering Orchid, in a rose-influenced sort of way.

Thrifty Radiant Orchid | The Knitting Vortex