Aug 092013

That top I had to rip back has turned out well; I just hope it’s a lesson learned that if you think it might be going wrong, STOP and reevaluate. I’d definitely rather be making nifty I-cord button loops than trying to get a couple hundred lace stitches back on the needle.

I-cord button loops

And once this tee is released next week, that will be the official end of the Summer of Lace. My overall goal was to make three lightweight, lace patterned summer sweaters, and in doing so, achieve several things. 1) Design more garments! I love sweaters, and have lots of yarn, so that’s logical. 2) Learn to use Stitch Mastery and improve my charts. Seriously, that charting program is as great as everyone says it is, and the developer is super responsive and available. I’m fine reading charts, but wanted to improve on actually conceiving them myself; making two lace patterned topdown raglans certainly helped with that. 3) Knit lightweight things: also kind of obvious for summer, and since I’m not really a sock knitter, it was garments or shawls. And I both like and wear garments more than allover lace wraps.

A pretty successful summer, I’m pleased to say.

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