Jun 152013

I’m determined to release three lace cardigans this summer, and so far am still on track with Aqueous already live, and Arcady finished. This one is a return to my love of grey, in a silvery shade of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Woobu called Winter Solstice. Colder seasons aside, the merino & bamboo blend is perfect for early summer evenings, or that air conditioned place we might go to escape the heat. It’s allover lace again, but this time with a nifty applied I-cord edging and button loops – my favorite part.

Arcady closeup | The Knitting Vortex

If it would ever stop raining, we could photograph it and the pattern layout could go forward. I’ve decided to model all three sweaters myself, and save up my daughter-goodwill points for some shawls; those are harder to capture just the way I like, so I’ll go behind the lens myself. Meanwhile, not to let her off the hook entirely, she can wield the giant reflector we just got; so many choices – gold! silver! white! I feel like we should choose the location just to be able to utilize them all. The reality is that if we can manage it this weekend, it will be more like choosing based on not too many people around. Why has every morning during the week been damp and dreary? With a grey sweater, the surroundings had better be a bit more cheerful, even despite the awesome button loops.

Arcady buttonloops | The Knitting Vortex