May 172013

Aquous Sneak Peek | The Knitting Vortex

I haven’t had a FO to show on friday for a long time. Hopefully that spell is broken, because this is the first of three summer lace sweaters, and time keeps ticking along. In my quest to expand personal color horizons, I used this aquamarine colored Canopy Fingering from The Fibre Co; they call it “tanager” like the bird, and I call it bluer than mint, that too-ubiquitous shade we’re seeing everywhere right now. Although I did buy a mint bag for summer – but I digress.

The alpaca/merino/bamboo has a nice hand, and it blocked well, too. The weather looks promising for a photoshoot this weekend, so lace cardi number 1 should be on its way soon. Which is good, because I just committed to two more – different of course, but still lace. What’s up with that? I think it’s the Stitch Mastery software I bought for myself; after putting in some time on the learning curve, I need to keep in practice. The program is great, by the way, as is the developer Cathy – who is always accessible for questions and help. I might even be motivated to do some charted cables in the fall. But for now, it’s all lace, all the time.

Charting, green, what’s next?

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