May 132013

For whatever reason, I’m working on two projects with two giant skeins of yarn.

BIG yarn | The Knitting Vortex

The silver is a 620 yard skein of sportweight BMFA Woobu, which I picked up during the NJ Yarn Crawl at Knit Knack during my trunk show. The elecrtic blue is all of 1120 yards (!) of fingering weight, from the Sliver Moon booth at Rhinebeck this fall. Together they practically obscure my desktop keyboard.

They seemed like a good idea at the time; top down summer cardigans, no joins, no ends to weave – and I’ve no doubt they will be good. The blue was a bit of a challenge to wind, though; not only did it exceed the capacity of my ballwinder (even with the metal arm pulled as far away as it could go without bending), but it also swallowed the beginning tail of yarn when I pulled it off.  So of course I thought I’d just yank it back out again, and somehow it came out the bottom end in a tangle that refused to pull free of the center. I rewound it from the outside, the last 100 yards or so by hand onto the excessively giant ball.

Now I feel compelled to find the perfect stitch pattern to make it all worthwhile. Meanwhile, back to my last, tiny, manageable 200 yard ball of Canopy fingering:

BIG yarn and baby | The Knitting Vortex