Mar 152013

Koa 1st look flat

It’s friday, and I actually have a FO! In further exploration of the Contiguous shoulder construction method, I’ve done up a spring cardi with some broken rib detail on the button band. To me, this method still has some problems with a tight and very sloped shoulder, which might be good for some styles, but certainly isn’t ideal for everything.

What I really like for this design is that there is no picking up (except for a few stitches from the body underarm when doing the sleeves); the button band is knit in, and most exciting of all, the collar is done first, with live stitches incorporated into the body using short rows. Of course this approach can be done just as well with a raglan or seamless topdown construction, and I definitely will be using it again with one of those. Also, seeing how great the Tosh Vintage works for a sweater means I’ll be doing more with that as well. In the meantime, on to finishing up the pattern!

Koa 1st look

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  1. Beautiful cardigan love the colors!