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Rondelay is a one-skein garter shawl constructed from three sequential half rounds or rondels, which grow from cast on stitches using short rows and strategically placed radial YO increases. Each rondel builds upon the previous one, creating a finished semi-circular shape that drapes beautifully as it wraps around the shoulders. Designed to show off the colors of a variegated or hand dyed skein, Rondelay looks equally fantastic in a solid color.

Techniques & Skills Used: cable CO, knit, short rows.

Size: one size; approximately 50” length along top edge and 9” depth at widest part of rondel.

Yarn: Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock (100% superwash merino, 440 yards/100g); 1 skein, shown in Indiecita. Sample used approximately 410 yards of light fingering weight yarn.

Other Materials: US 6 40” circular needle, or size to match gauge; Yarn needle.

Gauge: 18 st and 36 rows/4” in garter stitch, after blocking. Gauge is not critical for this project, however a different gauge may result in a smaller or larger finished shawl, and different yardage requirements.

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  2. Hello! I’ve recently begun your lovely pattern, but I am having a helluva time getting the math/stitch count to add up properly. I’m hoping you can help (and I apologize in advance for the length…)

    •So, I’ve done my cast-on, first row, and set up row, with a total stitch count of 34. Looks great! Yay! Now I wrap my stitch, and turn the work. Which means, as far as I can decipher, I have :: ACTIVE STITCH of 1
    •Next, I knit one stitch, wrap and turn, which leaves me with :: ACTIVE STITCH of 3 (1 stitch on one needle, 2 on the other)
    •Now, the fun part, YO’s and K1 three times total (6 stitches added, 1 to start = 7), then w&t, so I now have :: ACTIVE STITCH of 8 (1 wrap on one needle, 7 on the other… all is well)
    •Here’s where I start getting confused. Now I’m to knit one past the last slipped stitch. OK, I think I get it, I knit seven stitches (7 stitches plus 1 wrapped = 8), then I need to knit one more to get me past the wrap (8 stitches plus 1 additional = 9) then w&t which seems to give me :: ACTIVE STITCHES of 10 (1 wrap on one needle, 9 on the other)

    It seems like with the last instruction I have bulleted above (knit 1 past the wrap stitch, then w&t) the stitch count changes by NOT including the last wrapped stitch). So by my interpretation, when I knit 1 past the wrap stitch then w&t, I am actually adding TWO additional stitches, not one. I f knit up to and including the last wrapped stitch, then w&t, I am increasing by one, and the counts seem to make sense.

    Could you clarify this for me? I have started and restarted this pattern several times and I really don’t want it to defeat me.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Cheryl; I believe its just the semantics that are snarling you up. “1 st past last wrapped st” should be interpreted in Row 3 as it is in the previous (and all the others too) rows, ie. “work to the last wrapped st, work the wrapped st, then w&t the next st.”
      So, on Row 3 after you turn you will have the st you just wrapped and slipped to the right needle, then you will work the 6 st before the previously wrapped st from the row before, then work the wrapped st (you now have 8 “active st – the 6 plus the one on each end) then w&t the next st for a total of 9 active st. It may help to think of it as just going one st further every row; ie. work up to the previously wrapped st, work the wrapped st, w&t the next st. There should never be an unwrapped st worked between any of the wrapped ones – just wrap one right after the other on subsequent rows.
      Hope this helps!

  3. I am having trouble working the pattern and getting the correct amount of stitches indicated on the pattern. I am wondering if their is a pattern correction. Example, row 4 I end up with 15 sts, not 16 as indicated on the pattern. Any hint or help is greatly appreciated.

  4. Hello, I purchased the pattern and started the rondelay. I managed to finish the first section, but I am having trouble starting the 2nd one, it seems to me moving in the wrong direction, it does not look like it is knitting up correctly. Do you have a tutorial or additional pics, since Im kind of stuck. thank you, tracy

    • Hi Tracy; the best thing to do is to look at the schematic in the pattern, which is the clearest representation of the structure. When you cast on additional stitches for the second rondel, those stitches plus some of the edge stitches of the first rondel become the new foundation row. As you knit, you’ll see the second rondel take shape.