Oct 112012

Variegated yarns are an ongoing challenge; they look so appealing in the skein that you cant resist, and yet – what to do with them, really? Socks, maybe; those are mostly covered up and are like a secret crazy. I think that’s why sock yarns tend to have the most numerous, exuberant instances of variegation. But what about something like a worsted weight superwash? My solution was to make fingerless mitts with a K1below stitch pattern.

Chunnel in candombe   Chunnel in azules

The hand and cuff edge are regular rib, but the long gauntlet arm section transitions to a K1below rib that breaks up the colors and makes a fluffy, less elastic brioche, good for scrunching up. Both pairs use Malabrigo Rios, one in the Candombe colorway, the other in Azules. I made the Candombe pair first as the design prototype, when I was trying to find a way to love all that yellow in my skein. Then I thought I’d try a shaded-variegated with some of the Azules left over from Blue Honey. It may be mostly blue, but it goes from blue-green to blue-purple, with a lot of blues in between.

Candombe     Azules

It’s hard for me even to believe that I bought these yarns,when my typical perspective is that “dust,” “fog,” and “night” are ideal colors. To clarify, I do like color, just not so many all at once. Plum or teal or something is plenty all on its own. However, I do have another skein of that Azules left, and I’m feeling adventurous enough that it just may become a coordinating neckwarmer. To wear with a monochromatic outfit.

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  1. Pretty much all the varigateds in my stash are Rios too… I almost never use them, but somehow Rios demands that an exception be made ;-P