Aug 282012

And now for something completely different, a pair of flats. Really, really sparkly ones. Because even if you’re feeling relaxed and casual, rhinestones can be a good idea.My favorite part about these toe shoes from Celeste is the very shiny gold footbed; it’s the little things that count!

Celeste shoes

Sneak Peek at Folderol

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Aug 202012

Folderol shawl Tucks and folds have been a little bit of an obsession of mine since last winter, and three weeks ago I got a lightning bolt idea for a soft, scrummy tucked shawl for the autumn season ahead.

When something like this comes out of the blue, I like to go with it; thinking it might be a good fit, I sent off a pitch to Shannon at Cooperative Press, who is launching the new Knit Edge magazine. And so it comes about that Folderol is in issue 1, due to come out in the beginning of september.

This piece takes those textural tucks like the ones used in the Crimp hat and Ruckle Mitts, and exaggerates them into long, deep folds along the curve of a thick crescent shawl. The top edge is finished with applied I-cord, making the entire wrap reversible, and lovely when wrapped around the neck. I’ve had these three skeins of Malabrigo Worsted in Tuareg hanging around in stash forever, and 2.5 of them are now this cozy schlarf (with enough left over for a colorwork accessory!)

Couldn’t resist calling my WIP “Foldemort,” but really, nothing evil here – just a warm, comfy wrap.

Aug 132012

Ravelympic2012 FOs

Seventeen days isn’t a very long time to have knit up approximately 1345 yards comprising three FO, but nothing motivates me like a challenge. I like working with benchmarks such as “40 rows per day” or such. The picture above represents my olympian achievements for the summer games – something secret, as well as the beginnings of a little collection I have in mind.

I can talk about the collection idea, which will involve garter stitch and short rows, my ongoing loves, and sock yarn, of which I have far too much.  Who doesn’t love mindless knitting back and forth? Even the cabley/lacey people need tv knitting. And there will be interesting edge treatments to keep things from being mind-numbing.  So altogether a gold-medal games for me this summer.

I certainly hope the IOC doesn’t find me and send out a cease & desist letter.