Jun 272012

That’s what I fondly said as I mailed away this package. Inside, a new sweater design to be included in Holla Knits! Fall/Winter 2012, which I cant wait to see in its entirety when it comes out in September.

I originally submitted a version of this design for the Spring 2012 debut issue, but Allyson asked if I would consider holding it for fall. Since it’s insulating fiber in a richly saturated color, and plenty warm as I recently experienced first hand, that made total sense. swatch

When we discussed it again, we were talking about a swatch in mohair. Lovely KnitPicks Super Kid Mohair & Silk, but mohair nonetheless, which can be, y’know, scratchy. I love looking at it all gleamy and fuzzy, and even touching it briefly with my hand . . . but for wearing next to the skin? Not so much.

Apparently I’m not the only one, as Allyson suggested using KnitPicks Capretta, an MCN blend fingering weight. It seemed like a good idea, and it turned out to be fabulous – soft and warm, and very luxe. I’m sometimes afraid of bold color, but this deep, rich jewel tone really makes a powerful statement – and it’s a girl-power sweater.

So what’s in the package? Eye-catching simplicity.