Off You Go . . .

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Jun 272012

That’s what I fondly said as I mailed away this package. Inside, a new sweater design to be included in Holla Knits! Fall/Winter 2012, which I cant wait to see in its entirety when it comes out in September.

I originally submitted a version of this design for the Spring 2012 debut issue, but Allyson asked if I would consider holding it for fall. Since it’s insulating fiber in a richly saturated color, and plenty warm as I recently experienced first hand, that made total sense. swatch

When we discussed it again, we were talking about a swatch in mohair. Lovely KnitPicks Super Kid Mohair & Silk, but mohair nonetheless, which can be, y’know, scratchy. I love looking at it all gleamy and fuzzy, and even touching it briefly with my hand . . . but for wearing next to the skin? Not so much.

Apparently I’m not the only one, as Allyson suggested using KnitPicks Capretta, an MCN blend fingering weight. It seemed like a good idea, and it turned out to be fabulous – soft and warm, and very luxe. I’m sometimes afraid of bold color, but this deep, rich jewel tone really makes a powerful statement – and it’s a girl-power sweater.

So what’s in the package? Eye-catching simplicity.



Tuesday Shoes Day – Talk

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Jun 262012

Franco Sarto Talk

I’m liking the concept so much that I think Tuesday Shoes Day may become a recurring feature. I certainly have enough shoes to keep it going for a while.

These are cruelty-free gold pleather sandals with cork wedge heels; I especially like the way the wedge is shaped so it’s not super clunky.  Franco Sarto is one of my favorites, and I always keep an eye out for them; these came from – of all places – the (mostly) kids’ consignment shop. Although they do have teen/some adult stuff, I certainly wasn’t expecting to find mint condition cool shoes there. It just reinforces the vintage-shopping mantra – You Never Know.

Cute, right?

Franco Sarto Talk front

Jun 192012

Lots of secret knitting going on, so not much posting – due to both all the knitting and the need to be covert. So what better alternate topic to explore than fabulous shoes? Barika shoes front

For a bit of mother-daughter lunch and shopping, we went to PF Chang’s and then stopped by the DSW. Shopping the sale rack far surpassed the steamed pork dumplings; for less than half the cost of lunch, we are now the proud owners of this lovely pair of Bandolino Barika party stilettos. And I say “we” with the bittersweet realization that girlfriend and I are now the same shoe size. In fact, she might be one half size larger, depending.


Barika shoes backI’m determined to be the first one to have an appropriate place to which I might wear them. I’m thinking the fancy dinner that she and her friends are preparing for the parents in a few days; she’ll need flats because she’ll be cooking and serving. I’ll be sitting and possibly gliding to the bar area.


Anyway, the shoes are adorable if you dont have to move around too much; comfy pleated fabric straps, an elegant bow on the sides, and gritty silver zippers in the back. The kind of shoes one might build her entire outfit around. I would go for a soft/tough look, edgy yet understated all at the same time. And with a pop of color to match the nails! In fact, if one looks at the picture below, one might just notice a little sliver of knitwear that suits the look nicely. Except, of course, the knitwear is a secret right now still.

sweater teaser