Feb 072012

The Contiguous cardigan continues, although beset by various little problems. Of course it’s been knit flat, back and forth to the underarm and for the body. And of course I KNOW that my flat gauge is typically larger than my gauge in the round.. Well this sweater proved to be typical; after knitting what should have been almost to the cuff on the first sleeve, with my carefully calculated rate of decrease, I tried it on and found that it was about 3″ too short. No good fix available, except to rip and redo.

I decided first to do the other sleeve, using a larger needle and consciously looser tension – no pulling tight in a stranglehold around the Magic Loop! No excessive worrying about ladders! It came out much better, and true to desired gauge; see the difference:

      left sleeve

I was fairly immobilized on the couch with three separate balls of yarn attached, but happily managed to eliminate one by finishing the left cuff. It’s going to need a steam to stop the rolling, but I think the fullness is good.


It matches the couch! So now I’ve ripped the right and am about halfway re-done; the next issue is that I will certainly not have enough yarn. There looks to be some possible destash on Ravelry, so once the second sleeve is finished, I’ll try to calculate what’s needed and procure some.

Knitting: always a challenge.